Paper Number Paper Title Accepted Category
12 The effects of student interaction with blog-based course content on learning performance FULL
16 Effects of Reciprocal Feedback on EFL Learners’ Communication Strategy Use and Oral Communicative Performance FULL
19 The Edutainment Platform: Interactive Storytelling Relying on Semantic Similarity FULL
20 Exploring General Morphological Analysis and Providing Personalized Recommendations to Stimulate Creativity with ReaderBench FULL
21 StudentViz: A Tool for Visualizing Students’ Collaborations in a Social Learning Environment FULL
22 A Gamified Approach to Automated Assessment of Programming Assignments FULL
26 Higher Cognitive Items Generation Algorithms FULL
5 The Objective Ear: Assessing the Progress of a Music Task Short
14 Innovative Maker Movement Platform for K-12 Education as a Smart Learning Environment Short
17 Visualizing and Understanding Information literacy Research Based on the CiteSpace III Short
18 Smart Interactions for the Quantified Self Short
23 Constructing a Smart Chinese International Learning Environment Based on Learning Analytics Technology Short
4 An interdisciplinary Framework for Designing Smart Learning Environments Poster
6 Smart watches for making EFL learning effective, healthy, and happy Poster
8 Application Creation on Tablet to Promote a Classroom Research Skills for Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University’ Students Poster
13 A Smart Learning Environment for Environmental Education: Work in progress Poster
24 An Adaptive Learning System for Early-Childhood Learners using Neural Networks Poster