1. Why did you start the Research Center for Cognition and Gesture-based Computing?

Understand how human learn is key to design effective learning support system. Based on embodied cognition theory, the holistic way of learning should not just focus on thinking inside your head, it is the cooperation of brain and body movement which could generate better learning outcomes. That is the reason why I start the Research Center for Cognition and Gesture-based Computing.

  1. What is the role of gesture-based technology in learning? How is it different from other TEL technology?

There are two major differences when comparing gesture-based technology with other learning technology. One is the involvement of kinesthetic learning and the other is the natural user interface. Both unique factors could make learning more fun, effective and easier.

  1. What’s your vision about the future of gesture-based learning?

The short-term vision is to reduce the time in whichlearners sit still and watch the small computer screen all day long. The long-term vision is to promotephysical interaction with gesture-based technology for the public wellbeing. The more you learn with gesture-based technology, the healthier you will be.