IASLE Membership

The International Association for Smart Learning Environments (IASLE) is a think-tank for the researchers, educators and practitioners, who have interest in pushing the boundaries of current educational system to take it to next level through effective use of technology and innovations in pedagogy.

The membership is open to anyone who is active (or willing to take part in activities) in supporting the mission of the Association.

There are currently no membership fees. If you are interested to be a member of IASLE, please fill in the registration form under the Membership menu.

Please note that all membership applications require approval by the Executive of the Association.

Levels of membership

Membership level Criteria Benefits
General Member Researchers and students having a genuine association with the area of smart learning environments
  • Showcase personal profile in IASLE website.
  • Opportunity to post comments in this IASLE website.
Senior Member Must have attended at least 2 ICSLE Conferences
  • Discount on ICSLE conference registration fees.
  • Showcase personal profile in IASLE website.
  • Opportunity to post highlights such as Upcoming Events, Publications, and Kudos in this IASLE website